Academic Excursions

Academic Excursions

The most forward-thinking schools and universities have demonstrated that practical experience, in addition to the presentation of theory and information, is of great benefit to students. Whether students gain experience in a chemistry laboratory, a farm, or within the halls of a government building, hands-on work, especially in a team setting, leads to better understanding and imagination. Transylvania Alive organizes academic excursions to students of the humanities and social sciences that build upon coursework in history, art, anthropology and related fields.

Since 2004, the Director of Transylvania Alive, Eric De Sena, has been leading academic excursions to archaeological and historical sites and museums in Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, and Turkey. These are invaluable experiences for high school and university students, many of whom are inspired to pursue careers or conduct research in the region they visited.

Each year, T-Alive will propose week-long Spring Break excursions in Romania for students based at American universities for up to 20 students. These excursions will be developed and led by our own specialized staff members and associates.

T-Alive will also work with high school teachers and university professors to develop custom excursions for their students at any time of the year. Longer academic excursions may involve travel to neighboring countries, such as Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

John Cabot University seminar students at Arch of Trajan, Benevento, ItalyARCS Fellows on Lake Ohrid, Rep. of MacedoniaJohn Cabot University students in IstanbulSaint Mary's College students at Cuma, Italy