Transylvania Alive Spring Break Excursion – 2016

Transylvania Alive Spring Break Excursion – 2016

Transylvania Alive Spring Break Excursion – 2016

March 12 (Saturday) - March 19 (Saturday) and

March 26 (Saturday) - April 2 (Saturday)

Transylvania Alive’s Spring Break excursion will allow students to experience ancient, medieval, early modern and contemporary Romania. Students will fly into Cluj-Napoca on Saturday (March 12 or 26). On Sunday, we will visit Cluj’s medieval walls, the cathedral of Archangel Michael, the house of Mathias Corvin and other monuments along the way; in the afternoon, we will see the Roman fortress of Potaissa and spend the night at a local vineyard. The next day, we will experience the salt mines at Praid and a traditional Transylvanian-Hungarian village in Harghita County.  The next two days have an underlying theme of….Count Dracula: on Tuesday, we will visit Sighișoara, the birthplace of Vlad Tepeș, and a medieval castle at Rupea; on Wednesday, we will visit Brașov and the famous Bran Castle. We’ll drive to Sibiu, one of the most charming medieval cities in Romania, on Thursday with visits to small towns along the way. On Friday, we’ll return to Cluj-Napoca via Alba Iulia, where we will visit its citadel. Students should plan their departure from Cluj on Saturday (March 19 or April 2).


Saturday (March 12/26)          Arrive Cluj-Napoca, welcome dinner

Sunday (March 13/27)            Visit Medieval/Early Modern Cluj-Napoca; visit Potaissa, night in Turda

Monday (March 14/28)           Visit salt mines at Praid via Targu Mureș; night in Kolund

Tuesday (March 15/29)           Visit Sighișoara and Rupea, night in Brașov

Wednesday (March 16/30)     Visit Brașov and Bran castle, night in Brașov

Thursday (March 17/31)         Visit Sibiu, night in Sibiu

Friday (March 18/April 1)       Visit Alba Iulia citadel, night in Cluj-Napoca

Saturday (March 19/April 2)   Departure

Ca. 650 km (click for google map)

The excursions are led by Dr. Eric De Sena, an American archaeologist who taught for 10 years at American universities in Italy and directed an American overseas research institute in Bulgaria. De Sena co-directed the Porolissum Forum Project in northwestern Romania for 7 years, a project that had about 80 alumni from North America, Europe and Australia. De Sena is founder and director of the NGO, Transylvania Alive Association for Cultural Heritage.

The cost of a one-week excursion is US$675, which includes hotels with breakfast, van with driver, 3 dinners (Cluj, Turda, and Sibiu), tickets into sites and museums, and instruction. The fee does not cover travel to/from Romania, taxi to/from Cluj-Napoca airport, lunch, some dinners, or insurance. 

For more information, contact Dr. Eric De Sena at

Cluj-Napoca, statue of Mathias CorvinSalt mine at PraidSighisoara with castle of Vlad Tepes in backgroundSummer 2015 - in the hills of Transylvania