Site enhancement at Porolissum and Buciumi

21 May 2015

A major project aimed at improving infrastructure and preserving Roman buildings at Porolissum is underway.

The Consiliului Judeţean Sălaj, Ministerul Dezvoltării Regionale şi Administraţiei Publice, and the Agenţia de Dezvoltare Regională Nord-Vest are sponsoring a project "Circuitul castrelor romane din judeţul Sălaj" (Circuit of Roman forts in Salaj County) that enhances the experience of visitors at the Roman sites Porolissum and Bucium. The $1,000,000 project, financed by the European Union and the Consiliului Judeţean Sălaj, is aimed at improving infrastructure and partially reconstructing Roman buildings at the sites of Porolissum and Buciumi. Porolissum was the primary military center in northern Dacia, AD 106-271, which oversaw a large area of the Roman limes (border of the Roman Empire). A small city developed around the military center with temples, market places, houses and an amphitheater. The Roman fortlet at Buciumi served to protect an area under the jurisdiction of Porolissum. Both sites have been the subject of systematic archaeological excavatations since the 1970's.

The current project involves paving roads and parking areas and improving trails at both sites. The fortlet at Buciumi will be partially rebuilt in order to enhance the experience of visitors (Roman walls currently only stand at about 50 cm). At Porolissum, reconstruction of walls to a height of about 3 meters is being undertaken at the customs house near the entrance to the archaeological park, and a large public building near the fortress. The roads within the fortress have been better excavated and a trail leading from the fortress to the amphitheater is being improved. The amphitheater itself will also be conserved.

For more information, see LINK (in Romanian)