Consulting Services for Museums and Historical Sites

Consulting Services for Museums and Historical Sites

Transylvania Alive provides consulting services for the administrators of museums and historical sites in Romania and neighboring countries. T-Alive consulting services focus on developing plans to upgrade museums and historical sites, training educational staff, implementing or improving websites, and assisting with marketing and advertising.

While in Italy, Director of Transylvania Alive, Eric De Sena, worked on projects for the Capitoline Museums in Rome, the Museo Nazionale Romano (Rome), Hadrian's Villa (Italy), Villa of the Quintili (Rome), and the Soprintenenza Archeologica di Pompei. As part of his role directing an American overseas research center in Bulgaria, De Sena worked with many museum and archaeological site administrators to upgrade their collections and sites, including the National Archaeology Museum (Sofia), the Archaeology Museum in Varna, the Roman villa at Pavlikeni, and the Regional Museum at Septemvri.

Services include:

  • assess/upgrade permanent exhibitions and recommend cycle of temporary exhibitions 
  • assess/upgrade didactic information (museum and on-site panels, guide books, etc.)
  • assess/upgrade infrastructure at museums and historical sites
  • training for educational staff
  • develop websites with public outreach and marketing in mind
  • "branding" and marketing

For information and a time/cost estimate, please contact the Director of Transylvania Alive at


Inauguration of exhibition at National Archaeology Museum in SofiaChecking displays at National Archaeology Museum in SofiaInauguration of upgraded Roman section, Museum at Silistra, BulgariaInauguration of children's section of Archaeology Museum at Varna, BulgariaChildren's section of Archaeology Museum at Varna, Bulgaria