Interview about archaeology at Porolissum and Bozna

Ana Tudoran, host of Regio TV's Fapte in Balanta, interviewed Eric De Sena about archaeology in Salaj County.

Bozna summer 2015 excavations in the news

The archaeological work at the Iron Age site of Bozna has been the subject of several newspaper articles.

Terra America, a documentary

Terra America, a documentary about American involvement in the archaeology of Bulgaria.

Blog from the Balkans (2012-13)

This is a link to a blog developed by Eric De Sena, while he served an Overseas American institute in Sofia, Bulgaria. The institute led many academic excursions in the Balkans for undergraduate and graduate students.

Database of American Academy in Rome's Museum Collection

The database of the American Academy in Rome's Museum Collection was developed 2000-2008 and contains information about thousands of artifacts housed at the AAR.